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WelCome to Neel kamal nursery

Neel Kamal Nursery is one of the best Nursery, which is located in the heart of Jaipur city. Neel Kamal Nursery had won Several awards like: "Queen of the Show, Best Yellow Flower, Emperor of the Show, Princess of the Show, King of the Show etc. in All Rajasthan Rose Exhibition Show 2013-14

It is the best destination for all those people who love nature and want to spend stress free life in this busy routine and monotones life. Men, Women, children & entrepreneurs who are interested in Gardening & Landscaping must visit Neel Kamal Nursery to meet out their needs & fulfill their passions in this field.

Here you will find all type of plant species having different heights. This is the best destination for Training/ seminar/ Awareness programs regarding different fields of Hi- Tech Horticulture. We also conduct exposure visit to show the things Practically. Be believe in Learning by doing.                                                                                 

      आदमी की सेहत से उसके खानपान का पता चलता है 

      आदमी के आचरण से उसके उसके खानदान का पता चलता है 
      आदमी की आखों से उसके स्नेह का पता चलता है 
      हमारे अच्छे, तंदरुस्त, रोगरहित पोधो से हमारी नर्सरी (नील कमल नर्सरी ) का पता चलता है 
                                                                                       -रामचन्द्र सैनी 


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